How to Sharpen a Spindle Gouge

By February 11, 2016Tutorials, Uncategorized

A short video on how to sharpen a spindle gouge, one of the fundamental tools of woodturning. This basic video shows you the proper angles and technique to sharpen or grind a spindle gouge. Michael Roper is a third-generation carpenter with a passion for woodturning and helping others become better woodturners

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  • RMAU says:

    On the larger roughing gouges some turners like to work about one third of the edge at a time until that section is fully sharpened-then one final pass along the entire length of the bevel to blend it all together. The biggest problem folks seem to have is moving the tool edge in and out when trying to rotate the tool through that large curved plane. Use your fingers to create an artificial plane to lock the tool in. If you are having trouble staying in that 45 degree bevel zone, set the angle of the tool rest and maintain downward pressure to keep the tool flat and thereby in the correct orientation.

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