How to Sharpen a Bowl Gouge

By February 11, 2016Tutorials, Uncategorized

A short video on how to sharpen a bowl gouge, one of the fundamental tools of woodturning faceplates. This basic video shows you the proper angles, jigs, and technique to sharpen or grind a bowl gouge. Michael Roper is a third-generation carpenter with a passion for woodturning and helping others become better woodturners

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  • I saw one guy turn a piece of fine plywood to a disc he mounted on the other side of his grinder. Then he loaded the edge of the wood with fine lapping compound. Thus, with the same set up you have and other uses, he could bring that bowl gouge to a mirror finish quickly making a much finer and sharper edge as a result. He primarily used this set up to sharpen knives, but it ought to work with bowl gouges as well. A finer edge ought to last longer with less resistance and a better finish.

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